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irreverant's Journal

the broken pieces of the puzzle
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This community is for the Members, and FANS of the local detroit area band Irreverant.
it is a means for us to keep better contact with the people that support us, and for us to share with all of you whats going on with the band.

in here you will find information about shows, or the lack of for that matter haha, information about whats goin on with eachmember, pictures, biographies, and whatever else we feel like throwing at you.

Like all other local music acts we pride ourselves on our individuality, and poise.
we are trying to bring a new style of heavy music to all of the ppl in michigan, and wherever else for that matter.

also like all other bands, we need support. Join here and help us untie the potential that is laying dorment in each or our cold little hearts...

... Irreverant

Vocals: Andy Faircloth

Guitars: Rick Gibson

Guitars: TJ Winters

Bass: Brandon Mast

Drums: Mike Passanette

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